Some food pantries off their clients a choice of what food they want by creating a menu. You can also hand out other things like toothbrushes, toilet paper, or anything else. To do this you set up categories of things to hand out, then add entries to each category. You can set whether a menu item is available or not for the current day so that clients are only given choices that are currently available on that day.

1. Go to the Assistance section in the Admin area

2. Go to Food Pantry Intake

3. Go to the bottom and click the button to start adding choices

4. Click to add your first menu category

5. Add a category

In this example we'll add a category for Chicken. Click Save when you're done.

6. Add menu items for the category

For example you could add "Thigh", and "Breast" to the Chicken category. Then click save when you're done.

7. Keep adding categories and menu items until you're done

Just repeat the steps above to add more categories and choices until your menu is fully built out.

8. Update whether a menu item is available or not

Every morning or the night before you do client intake, update which menu items are currently available. During client intake, only menu items that are available will be shown as options for the client to pick from.

9. Update a category's name, or a menu item's name, or updating a menu item's category

If you made a mistake, or just want to change the name of a category or menu item, click it to update it. You can also change the category a menu item falls under.

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