1. Go to the Assistance section in the Admin area

2. Click on Food Pantry Intake

3. Update the unit you use to keep track of food hand out.

For example it could be in number of packages, or number of pounds of food.

4. Disable measuring of food handout if you don't track the number of packages or poundage

Not all food pantries keep track of the number of packages they hand out, or the poundage of food they hand out. If that's the case, you can disable this option. That way your volunteers won't have to write in a number when doing client intake.

5. Add reasons for food handout if you want to track that for reporting

One example of a reason could be "Temporarily unemployed". Whatever you might want to track for reporting. If you don't want volunteers to have to enter a reason while doing client intake, you can leave the reasons section empty.

6. Click Save to apply your changes

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