1. Go to the Client Fields section

To pick which fields are shown on the form when you are doing client intake, go to the Client Fields section within the Admin area.

2. Enable the fields you want

Next, enable the fields that you want to on your client intake forms. If a field is enabled it will show up on the form. Otherwise, it will be hidden.

3. Pick which field you want to customize

Click on a field and it will take you to a screen where you can customize its options.

4. Pick the field options you want

Here you can pick which options you want to show on the form for the field. In this example we'll pretend our organization does not use the "Some Other Race" option for reporting, and needs to disable it. Note that you can reenable a field later by clicking it again.

5. Change the order of field options

If you want to change the order that field options appear on the form, click on "Reorder field options". Then you can drag and drop fields to change their order. Once you're done, click on "I'm done ordering".

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